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This game should be played with 3 or more people for large groups of people it is better to play with to decks of cards you get everyone sitting around a table and lay out all the cards face down.You go around clock wise and each pick up a card, each card has a different meaning drink mean u can either have a sip or skull its up to you whatever your body can handle hehe!!

Ace- waterfall! everyone starts to skull at the same time the person who picks the card up first is the one that is only aloud to choose when he or she wants to stop skulling everyone else has to wait for the person on there right to stop before they can..

2- means YOU so u pick someone to drink
3-means ME so u drink
4-means HORES so all the girls drink
5- means hi 5 so every ones puts there hand up for hi 5 and the last one that does it drinks
6-mean dicks all the boys drink
7- means u pick another card and times it by 2 for example u pick up a 3 that means u have to drink twice
8- mean nominate some one to drink
9-make a rhyme the person that chooses the card say a little rhyme for example " i saw a cat" then the next person goes "on a mat" and it keeps going until someone stuffs up and u can't use the same work twice
10- u count to ten around the circle and number ten drinks
jack-means back so the person who chose a card before u drinks
queen- make a rule which has to last through the whole game example u can't say anyone's first name , no pointing etc
king- u have one big cup in the middle everyone time a king is picked up through out the game the person must had any type of alcohol they wish and the person that picks up the fourth king must add one last bit of alcohol then skull the cup.

You'll find the party is defiantly up and running after u play this game

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