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- Equipment -
  • 1 deck of playing cards
  • 2 or more people
  • Beer
- Official rules -
The players sit in a circle with the shuffled deck of cards in the middle. Play goes around counter-clockwise with one person being the "dealer", and the person to his right being the "drinker".
The dealer picks a card. The drinker has to then drink for as many seconds (hence the name) as the number on the card. If the card is a face card, you just give it the corresponding number as its place in the deck (ie. Jack is 11 seconds, Queen is 12, King is 13, and Ace is 14).

Before the drinker drinks, however, he has a choice. He can take the number of that card, or he can challenge the dealer. If he challenges, the dealer draws another card.
  • If the card is higher than the first card, the dealer has to drink the number on the higher card and the drinker doesn't have to drink anything.
  • If, however, the second card is lower than the first, the drinker gets punished for challenging and getting it wrong and has to drink the combination of the two cards.
  • On the rare instances that the drinker challenges and the second card is the same as the first, both the drinker and the dealer have to drink the combination of the two.
Once the seconds have been dealt out, the drinker becomes the new dealer and the person to his right becomes the new drinker and so on, around in a circle until you are out of cards or drink.

- Optional Rule -
The game is occasionally played with the rule that if, at any time, the dealer draws a suicide king card (one of the two kings that appear to be stabbing themselves in the head), the drinker has to finish whatever drink they have in front of them.

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