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Teacher is somewhat like picture-nary combined with greatness.

Best played with more then 3 people.(the more the better)

Supplies needed:
Enough index cards or paper for everybody
Enough pens or markers for everybody
Enough booze for everybody
and an imagination

The first teacher (usually volunteered or elected) stands on something higher then everyone else, who should be sitting at a table or on something they can draw on.

The Teacher then tells his class what he wants drawn. This can be anything, ranging from objects, scenes, people in the room, ANYTHING.

some examples:
-A bum riding a bike off a roof into a pool of yogurt
-two robots fighting, and the t-1000 must make a ca-mo appearance in the drawing
-Andrew riding a dragon over a city
-a family of jelly fish
-two trees that just rode a roller coaster and one is puking
-a dragon fly trying to get into the untied stats but denied because his papers weren't in order
- a turtle
-everyone in the room watching a cock fight

The class then goes to work drawing vigorously to get all the details and aspects in the picture, making it clear. The amount of time given to drawn is up to the teacher it could range from 10 seconds(speed draw) to 3 minutes. the teacher calls the time depending on whats being drawn , or the level of detail he wants and usually gives the class a count down. The students can turn in their drawings at anytime though.

***all drawings with words written in them should be thrown out immediately***

The teacher then looks at all the drawings at once, when everyone is done drawing and they have been turned in. Therefore everyone can pay attention to what the teacher has to say about each drawing.

***The teacher should not know who drew what picture to keep it anonymous and unbiased***
(although over time you'll be able to tell who drew what)

The teacher critiques each drawing giving his input aloud and putting the loser drawings on the table, narrowing it down to the winner. The winner is the one that the teacher believes to depict his assignment the best.

The winner doesn't have to be the best drawing, its usually the one that makes the teacher laugh the most or has the best effort.

The winner- gets to be the next teacher, and gets up on the elevated thing and announces what the classes next assignment will be.

Optional rule:
If one becomes teacher 3 times they can make a rule.

Such as: every drawing assigned must contain a dancing sword somewhere, if it doesn't auto FAIL.

or even things like thumb rule

---------------------------the drinking part-----------------------------

This game is best played when people have already been drinking and everyone is all comfortable.

Casual drinking is enforced, honor system

The teacher has the authority to make anyone take a sip while being teacher.


-know your teacher, appeal to him or her in the drawing.
-as teacher add something to the assignment mid draw.
- add detail and draw everything that was said to be drawn
-switch up the perspective in your drawings
-get drunk


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