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One drink:
You die by beat down.
You kill by a beat down.
Take another for double kill.
You kill by assassination.
You get kill by assassination.

Two drinks:
You get a sniper kill.
You get a killing spree.
You get a triple kill.
You get a laser kill.

Three drinks:
You get a killing frenzy.
You get a weapon specific killing frenzy. e.g. "sword spree"
You get an incineration.
You get a grenade stick.
You hijack a vehicle.
You get a death from the grave.
You get a bull-true.

Four drinks.
You hijack a flying vehicle.
You get a weapon specific frenzy. e.g. "slice 'n dice"
You get MVP.
You get any kill spree above running riot.

Finish drink:
You get invincible.
You get extermination.
You get perfection.

Ff you can't take drinks in the middle of your game, 10 drinks = 1 shot. take them at the end of your round.

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