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Drink when:
  • Dr. Cox calls JD a girl’s name or “Newbie.”
  • Dr. Cox calls Elliot “Barbie.” (2x)
  • Dr. Kelso insults Ted.
  • JD calls Turk anything but his name (Chocolate Bear, etc.).
  • Karla calls JD “Bambie.”
  • Anytime there is a flashback / daydream.
  • Anytime there is a female in lingerie (drink 5x!)
  • Anytime Janitor pranks someone.
  • Anytime they refer to “Rowdy” the dog by name. (3x)
  • Everytime Dr. Cox touches his nose and then folds his arms (2x).
  • Anytime The Todd makes a sexual innuendo. (3x)
  • Anytime one of the cast has a connection with someone who later dies (finish your drink!)
  • Anytime someone calls Dr. Cox by his first name, Perry. (2x)

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