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Take One Drink:
  • 3-point
  • Dunk
  • Block
  • Foul Shots (drink per made foul shot)
  • ESPN 30 at 30 Updates

Two Drinks:
  • Cussing (when you cuss)
  • And-One *3-Point Play*
  • when Dick Vitale says "baby", "Prime Time Player PTP", "Diaper Dandy", "Tri-Fecta"
  • Dick Vitale acknowledges "emotion" or "pasion for the game"
  • Alley-Oop
  • Intentional Foul

Three Drinks:
  • Charge
  • Flagrent Foul
  • Technical Foul
Finish Beer:
  • 4-Point Play (thats a 3-point shot and you get fouled plus you make the free-throw)
  • Buzzer Beater (including shot-clock)
  • Foul Out
  • White Boy Dunk
  • Ejection
  • Upset City (from around the country, meaning highlights and the game you're watching)

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