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Predator or Prey

The person whose birthday is closest to the current date starts as the Predator (if for some god forsaken reason there is a tie, first blood or rock, paper, scissors will do).  The Predator chooses a Prey (person) and asks, "Predator or Prey?".  That person has a simple choice:  finish their drink, or do a dare of the predator's choice (Daring to finish their drink results in the Predator finishing their drink).

If the prey chooses Predator, they do the dare in order to become the new Predator. If the Prey completes the dare everyone takes a sip, and the Predator finishes his drink.  If the Prey fails, everyone finishes their drink, so bystanders cheer on the prey, (they're on your team).  The game continues in this fashion until either everyone finishes or everyone's PTFO'd.

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