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This is a fun game, similar to Family Guy.  Depending on the episode, you can get pretty messed up within the half hour of watching South Park.  You can add your own rules or get rid of some if you can't remember all of them.

Drink 1:
The South Park sign is shown.
The kids are at the bus stop.
Terrence or Phillip farts.
Cartman calls Kyle a Jew.
Kenny Dies.
The gang calls Cartman a fat ass.
A curse word is bleeped out.
Jimmy Stutters.
Kenny says somthing inaudible.
Mr. Garrison talks to Mr. Hat or Mr. Twig.
You spot a backward "N" on the chalkboard.

Drink 2:
The bus driver yells "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!"
Chef says "hello children"
Butters sings.
Cartman's cat, Mr. Kitty meows
Any other language but English is spoken.
Cartman proposes killing Kyle.
Officer Barbrady says "Move along, theres nothing to see here"
Saddam Hussein appears.
One of the characters says "I've learned somthing today."
Butters gets grounded
Hell's Pass hospital is shown.
Mr. Garrison goes off on a tangent about a TV show during class.
Cartman makes fun of Kenny for being poor.
Stan Pukes.

Drink 3:
Cartman mentions "The Passion" or Mel Gibson
Cartman hits an animal with a stick.
Stem cell research is mentioned.
Chef has to explain somthing sexual to the kids.
Chef beaks out in song.
Canadians are shown.
Cartman says "respect my authority!"
Ike says somthing.
The boys bet on somthing.
A news reporter has a perverted name.

Drink 4:
Barbra Streisand is shown or mentioned.
Ms. Clarrage the preschool teacher is shown.
Tweek's parents offer him coffee.
A real-life person is made fun of on the episode.

Drink 5:
You spot the alien.
The Chinese restaurant owner is in the episode.
Somebody blows their brains out.

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