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Quick rules of 3-Cup-Flip
  1. To start, a flip cup game is played between the two teams.  The winning team goes first.  The game is setup like Beirut except each team has 3 cups and they are set up in the usual triangular fashion. 
  2. The winning team each tosses at the 3 opposing cups.  When a cup is made it is to be drank and then flipped (flip cup style).  If it is a successful flip then the cup is filled back up and put in the same spot it came from on the table. If the flip is missed then the cup is off the table for the remainder of the game. Each team member has to take turns drinking and flipping.
  3. If there are 2 cups on the table and one gets made, then that one cup has to be drank and flipped twice in a row in order for it to go back on the table.  If 1 cup is on the table and it gets made, then that cup has to be drank and flipped three times in a row correctly for it to go back on the table.
  4. If a team makes both balls in the same turn, then they get balls back but the other team still drinks and flips their cups beforehand.  Whatever cups are flipped go back on the table before the other team re-tosses.
  5. The game is played until one teams' cups are all gone, thus crowning the other team the winner.
  6. The team that loses all of their cups first has a chance for retaliation to take the game into overtime.  Each player tosses until they miss. If none are made, then the game is over.  If they make any of the opposing cups then they have to be drank and flipped.  If the flip(s) are missed, then the game goes into one cup overtime.  The team that wasn't retaliating will go first in overtime.  Overtime is played the same as the regular session.
  7. The only way retaliation is not granted is if the last cup on the table is made by both players, thus 'killing' the game.

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