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  • Spread a regular deck of cardsaround a can of beer.  
  • After every card pulled, you have to put that card in the beer tab.  
  • The person to pops the tab has to chug that beer right then and there.  
  • After a can has been popped, you put those cards to the side and put a new beer in the middle.
2 Is You:  Whoever pulls the card gets to pass out two sips to one person.

3 Is Me:  Whoever pulls the card has to drink for three seconds.

4 Is Floor:  Last one to touch the floor has to drink for four seconds.

5 Is Guys:  Guys drink for five seconds.

6 Is Chicks:  Girls drink for six seconds.

7 Is Heaven:  Last one to put both hands up in the air has to drink for seven seconds.

8 Is Great:  Everyone makes a toast, and then drinks for eight seconds.

9 Is Rhyme:  The person who pulls the card starts off with a word that everyone in the circle has to rhyme with, and it has to be a word that can rhyme.  The person who can't think of one, or takes more than 3 seconds to think of one has to drink for 9 seconds.

10 Is Categories:  The person who pulls this card has to think of a category (eg. kinds of cereal, cigarettes, beers), and you go around in a circle naming different kinds of beer, or cereal or whatever.  The person who can't think of one, or takes more than three seconds to think of one has to drink for 10 seconds.

Jack is Captain Jackass:  Whoever pulls this card is lucky, they get to make anyone drink whenever the want until the next Jack is pulled, and then the power is given over to that person.

Queen is Questions:  When you pull this card you look at a random person at the table and ask them a question (ex. "How old are you?"), and then they have to look at some other random person at the table and ask them a question.  The trick is to not answer the question.  The first person to answer a question, or laugh at the question being asked, or who can't think of a question has to drink for 12 seconds.

King Is Rule:  You get to make a rule to be upheld throughout the rest of the game, and everyone must follow that rule or else they have to drink, or whatever you want to make them do.  Some examples of rules are the "You can't say anyones name rule", where obviously you can't say anyones name in the circle or else you drink.  Another good one is that you can't say "drink", "drank", or "drunk", or else you have to drink.

Ace is Waterfall:  This is where the person who pulls the card starts the waterfall, and the person to his left can't stop drinking until he stops, the person to the second person's left can't stop until they stop, and so on.

This is a favorite of my friends and I for a long time, I honestly think that our kings rules are the best of any I've ever come across.

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