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What you need:  a deck of cards, lots of booze and at least two players (four or five is the best amount of people to play with).

How to play:
  1. Choose someone to be dealer (this person stays dealer for the rest of the game).
  2. You play five sets in a game (or as many as you like) and the players left at the end of the game go to a "shot off" which is just doing an equal shot of whatever you agree on until there is only one person left.  Last one standing wins.
  3. Sit around a table.
  4. Dealer deals out the cards face up, so everyone can see, and the person with the highest card on the table has to chug the amount on their card.  So if you got a three while your buddy gets a ten, then he or she has to chug ten mouthfuls of their drink.
  5. If two people have the same high card, they both drink that amount (and if three or more people get the same high card they all have to drink that amount).
  6. The King, Queen, Jack and Ace's are "Power cards" and have different uses:
  • Jack:  choose someone to chug all of their drink; if they cannot do this they have to do a shot.  If they fail this they are out of the game.
  • Queen:  you can keep hold of this card and use it whenever you want (as long as it is before the end of the set), and you can choose someone to chug all of their drink.  If they fail they can try a shot, if they fail this they are out.
  • King:  you choose either the person to the left or the right to chug all of their drink.
  • Ace:  you can choose anyone to drink the highest number on the table.  If there is more than one Ace you can either give multiple people the high card, depending on how many Ace's there are, or you can give one person the highest card multiplied by the amount of aces.  If there are more high cards than Ace's the Ace's are then invalid and just count as a blank card.
The person with the highest NUMBER still has to drink that amount when the 'Power Cards' are in play, except for the Ace's.

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