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Put a deck of cards face down in a circle and it around the cards. The first person draws a card and has to do whatever in on that card:

A-Rule:  whoever draws this card makes up a rule & it goes for the rest of the game:for ex. you cant say drink,drank or drunk, everytime the person who made the rule drinks, everyone else has to drink, etc.

2-you:  you pick someone to drink.

3-me:  you have to drink.

4-floor:  last one to point to the floor has to drink.

5-sentence:  say a word and the next person has to say your word plus add another word, and so on.  The first person to forget the sentence or mess up, drinks.

6-dicks:  guys drink.

7-heaven:  last one to point to the sky, drinks.

8-boobs:  girls drink.

9-rhyme:  say a word & the next person comes up with a word that rhymes & continue around until someone messes up or repeats a word, they have to drink.

10-social:  everyone drink

J-never have I ever:  say something you have never done and whoever has done it has to drink.

Q-question:  ask someone a question & they ask someone a question until someon messes up.

K-categories:  think of a category, like beers (Bud Light, Sam Adams, etc.) whoever messes up, drinks.

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