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I promise you this will be the best verson of Kings you will play!  Change some of the cards if you want, me and my friends did and there was MORE DRINKING!!!! This game is so great for a lot of people, and easy to play once you memorize the cards.

Shuffle a deck of cards and put it in the center.  Someone flips over a card and then do what is explained below.  Some of these rules are adapted but my friends and I play this game all the time and it never gets old.  Its lots of fun with a large group of people.  Go clockwise after the first person flips a card.
  • Ace - Waterfall: The person who pulls the card drinks and cannot stop drinking till the person to their right stops, the one who pulls the card stops first
  • Two - You: Person who flips the card picks someone to drink and says ''you'' 
  • Three - Me: The person who pulls the card drinks
  • Four - Whores: Girls drink
  • Five - Thumb Master: Until someone else pulls a five, the person who pulls it can put their thumb on the table, and whoever is last to put their thumb down drinks
  • Six - Dicks: Guys drink
  • Seven - Heaven: Everyone puts their hands in the air, last person to put their hands in the air loses and drinks
  • Eight - Mate: Whoever flips card picks someone to drink with
  • Nine - Rhyme: Whoever flips the card says a word and the next person has to say a word that rhymes with it, but it has to be quick! Someone takes a few seconds and they drink
  • Ten - Make a Rule: This one is FUN!  Whoever flips this card can make ANY rule they want!  Good examples: You can't cuss, you can't touch your face, you can't say "drink" and so on.  If you are with people who want to drink a lot, my friends and I make rules like "every drink is doubled", or "every red card is tripled" - you will get DRUNK!
  • Jack - Bus Driver: Fun game!  Everyone puts their hands up like they are driving a car, then the person who flips the cards steers one direction or the other and says "Vroom."  The person he steers towards can say "Vroom" and go the same direction, or say "Scurr" and go back to the person who "Vroomed" you.  So you can "Vroom" all around the circle, but if you want to change the direction say "Scurr."  If someone "Scurrs" back to you then "Vroom" is the direction they changed it to.  Hope that explains it!
  • Queen - Question Master!!! This used to be questions but we weren't drinking enough in our games so we made this up. Whoever pulls this card is the question master until someone else pulls a queen. If this person asks anyone a question and they answer, they have to drink. The person asked can respond with a question and it doesn't count, but if they ask the same thing you asked it counts as a drink, since there was no thought process.  Great questions are "will you get me another drink?", "Whose turn is it?" and "What does this card mean again?"
  • King - Categories: Whoever pulled the card picks a category *colors, types of cars, bands, etc.* and then starts it off. The person next to them *clockwise* says something different. If someone stalls or says something someone else has said, they drink.
Additional notes:  
  • ABUSE the Question Master and Make a Rule cards.  Doubling things makes it a fun game of drinking plenty!  If you triple or double a specific color, then ALL questions asked by the question master (if they pulled that color) are doubled and tripled.  Question master can get A LOT of people to drink also.
  • Thumb master should also be relentless.  If done correctly, your whole table will take small amounts of time between drinking, and sometimes someone sucks at thumb master and questions, and you can get them DRUNK AS HELL!  Anyway, enjoy the game, my ten buddies and I play this all the time and always end up gone after one or two...or three...four games.  We drink a lot in Texas!

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