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  1. Get an empty glass and add an amount (how much is up to you) of all the participant's drinks into the glass
  2. Take this horrible concoction and pass it to a person and say "This is the Witch".  They must reply "The what?", then you say "The witch" and they say "Thank you", and take the drink.
  3. The person you handed the Witch to repeats step two, and the next person and so on, except referring all the way back to you each time.
  4. Whoever makes a mistake, such as replying to the wrong person, or saying the wrong thing, takes a mouthful of the Witch (make sure it's a proper mouthful, not just a sip)
Ways to make the game more interesting:  Every time a chain goes back to the originator they can, if they want, change the name from the Witch to something else.  Past experience has shown "the what" and "the the" to be good, as well as "This is not the droid you are looking for" and "This is the In west Philadelphia born and raised..."etc.  Also, a devious tactic is to pass the Witch back to the person who handed it to you, making the chain loop around itself a few times.

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