Drinking Game: Locked Up (and intoxicated) Abroad Add to My Games
Drink 1
  • Victim(s) drink alcohol/smoke cigarettes/does drugs
  • Victim comments on own stupidity
  • Victim(s) use a non-American colloquial slang term
Drink 2
  • Victim(s) talk about how desperate they are for money
  • Victim(s) are approached by anyone involved in the smuggling
  • Victim(s) are threatened/screamed at in a foreign language
  • Victims realize the contraband isn't what was agreed upon
Drink 3
  • Any time any viewer is compelled to say "What the f***/how dumb can you be?/if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"
  • Victim(s) shown crying
  • One victim suggests to the other victim that "this may not be a good idea"
Drink 4
  • Victim(s) say that "it's too late now, we might as well go through with it"
  • Victim(s) are apprehended by local authorities
Finish Drink
  • Victim(s) make it through customs/airport security
1 Full Drink
  • Victim(s) evade/escape/are released from custody
Pour out liquor for your homies
  • It is revealed that victim(s) is/are still in custody

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Added: 2008-05-29

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