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First off, you need 4 people  in two teams of two (can play with more but must be teams of two and get's extremely complicated). Each team sets up by sitting in lawnchairs about 4 feet from your partner. In the middle it is best to place a cooler or other barrier. The teams set up about 10 or so feet from each other.
Each team shakes up a beer can and places it in the middle of the two players, in front of the cooler.

After deciding which team goes first, that team takes the darts (usually 3 but if you can find 4 it works better), each team-mate takes turns throwing their darts at the other teams can.  If a hit is made the beer can will start spitting, the team that got hit must grab the can and proceed to shotgun it (the team can choose to share or take turns).  If the hit was made on one of the first throws, the other team must shake up a new beer and continue to do such untill the other team is done their throws. The darts then switch teams.

You can keep score or you can just play untill someone passes out, pukes, or gives up.

**Can get dangerous, please play responsibly!

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Added: 2008-05-29

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