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You need
  1. 12 cups of regualr size (normal beerpong cups)
  2. 3 ping pong balls
  3. A scorekeer
  4. A table of any size(usally a ping pong table)(for smaller tables take steps back to even it out)
  5. And as many people that want to play on your team. (i sugest no more then 3 but hey! the more people the less drunk u get.)
The Setup
  1. Take 4 cups and line them up in a straight line with the edges touching 
  2. The bases for the cups:  cup farthest away from you (on your side) is first base, next is second, next is third, finaly home run is closest to you (on your side). The same is true for your opponents cups
  3. The point of the game is to score the most runs in the agreed number of innings (must be an odd number of innings)
  4. Steal cup - you have a "steal cup" at the side of the table, that is full of beer (this will be explained in the rules)
  1. Each team gets 3 "outs" or shots.  If a player misses a shot, they are out. If the player makes a shot, then they have a player on base and its the next person's shot.
  2. You have "ghost runners" on the bases.  So if you make a shot on 2nd, and then make a shot on 1st, the guy on second advances the number of places of the shot you made (example 2nd base would got to 3rd base if you make 1st base)
  3. Stealing:  at any time you have a player on "base", you can steal a base. The point of this is to be the first one out of both teams to finish the steal cup and flip it like flip cup.  If the "fielding" team flips their cup first, the player is out, but the ghost runner is still on base.  If the batting team makes it first, they move each ghost player up one base
  4. No leaning over the table
  5. Use water cups to wash your balls! No one likes a dirty ball in their drink
  6. Innings and outs:  as stated earlier, any number of innings can be played.  Outs are considered missed shots and bases that are failed to be stolen
  7. Have fun - not haveing fun is a part foul and a part foul should be carried out
  8. Anything else you can think of - go ahead and make up some rules
This game was made by me and a few buddies who got bored of the normal drinking games while at a paintball game

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