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From my understanding this is a popular game is South Korea. This game is also in a TV show called Three Sheets (south korea) so if you want to see the game being played you can watch that. The game is best played with at least 5 people.... the more you have the better. First you sit in a circle. Choose a "leader" and that person will call out a number, which will be explained later. The leader will change people after someone drinks.

Typically there is a song you are suppose to sing however  i dont know it. So the easiest way to do it is have everyone count down or up to three and the "leader" calls out a number. The number depends on how many people are playing. the number 1 can never be called so the leader can't single anyone out.

When everyone counts down or up to 3, everyone points to someone, it does not matter who. Then (lets say the leader called out 5) count five people by following the pointing fingers starting from the leader. In this case the person who is the fifth person must slam their drink or just take a drink ( depends on how you wanna play).  Whoever drinks then becomes the new leader for the next round.

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