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You need a minimum 2 teams of 3 people, but can be played with 4 teams of 3 as well. 

Required materials:
  1. Each 3 person team will need a new drinking gadget called a "shotstick" (check the website www.shotsticks.com, they are cheap and a lot of fun)
  2. Each team will need a handful of pennies
  3. Choose beer or shot glasses depending on your choice of alcohol intake 
Set the "shotstick" up on the edge of the table so each person on the team has a full glass in front of them and the team is sitting shoulder to shoulder.  The players on the left and right are the "shooters".  The player in the center is the "defender".  When the game begins the "shooters" on both teams must thumb-flip pennies into the opposite teams glasses.  The defender is allowed to bat the flying pennies away but is only allowed to use one hand (left or right, nominated prior to start of the game). If the defender is caught using the wrong hand or both hands, that team loses the game and must drink.  The first team to have a penny in each beer glass loses and must drink.  If you are using shot glasses play for either one or two pennies because it is a lot more difficult. An alternative method is to have all three people as shooters and have no defenders.

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