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You will need a pack of cards, and a dealer.  The more people you have the more cards you need (11 people approx = 1 pack of cards)

Round One Smoke or Fire?
  • The dealer holds the pack of cards and asks each player Smoke or Fire? (Smoke = Black: Clubs & Spades; Fire = Red: Hearts & Diamonds)
  • You must guess either “Smoke” or “Fire”
  • The Dealer gives you a card from the pack which is either black or red
  • If you guessed correctly they nominate ONE drink to anyone
  • If you guessed incorrectly you must have ONE drink
  • Note: The number of the round = the number of drinks
Round Two - Higher or Lower?
  • With the card that you have, the dealer asks whether the next random card handed out is either higher or lower than the number on your card
  • If you said higher and the next card is a higher number, jack, queen, king or ace than you may nominate TWO drinks
  • If you said lower and the card is higher (or vice versa) than you must take TWO drinks
  • Note: Nominations can be split up and given different people
Round Three – In-between or Out?
  • With the two cards you have the dealer will give you a new card and you must guess whether it is in between or outside of the two numbers on your cards
  • Guess correctly and nominate THREE drinks to anyone
  • Guess incorrectly and take THREE drinks
Round FourWhich Suit?
  • Before the dealer hands you another card you must guess which suit it is
  • Guess correctly and nominate FOUR drinks to anyone
  • Guess incorrectly and take FOUR drinks
Rounds Five to Twelve
  • The dealer needs to place 2 rows of 4 cards face down (8 cards), one row representing the “good side”, the other row representing the “bad side”
  • The dealer will pick up a card (each card pick up represents a round - remember each round is the same as how many drinks are taken)
  • When a card is picked up from the “good side” and you have that card in you set of four (from rounds 1 - 4) you may nominate the number of drinks
  • When a card is picked up from the “bad side” and you have that card in your set you must take the drinks
  • If you do not have the card in your set than nothing happens
Round Twelve 
  • By the last card picked up if you have that number in your set of four, you are either giving out or taking twelve drinks, which is pretty much chugging a glass
  • Depending on whether your guessing is good or bad, or whether or not luck is on your side… this is a deadly but FUN! Game! 

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