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You need one or more ping pong balls, a table, and as many people you can fit around it. Each person gets their own glass of beer. Everyone has to get down on their knees or bend down low enough so they can easily "blow" the ping pong ball around the table. You can either do this in teams or every man for himself. The object is to blow the ball off the table on your opponent's side. You can not use your hands or block the pong with anything. You can only use your own air.

Start the ball in the middle of the table, and when someone says "GO" you all start blowing. When the ball goes off of the table, the person who's side it went off of (or team) has to take a large gulp of beer. You can decide to play for points (first team to 10 for example) or till the beer is gone. Then you make the loser (losers) drink the rest of the beer in the remaining cups.

It's a good game to play when everyone is happily buzzed with a lack of coordination.

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