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This game requires 4 players, 2 balls, 2 water cups if needed, a full cup of beer for each player,placed on each corner of the table.  There are no turns, so whenever a ball reaches one side, that side can immediately throw it back.

If the ball hits the rim of a cup and then hits the floor without being caught, the player defending must drink 1/4 of the cup.  However, if the ball hits the rim and the defending player or his partner catches it before it hits the ground, the defender drinks nothing.  If a ball is sunk in the cup, the defender must drink 1/2 of the cup.  If the cup you are defending is drained, you can no longer shoot (your partner shoots both balls), but you can help defend your partner's cup.  The team with both of their cups drained first loses.

  • If you have 3/4 of your cup left, and someone sinks a ball in it, you now have 1/4 left, not a half of the 3/4. So basically you have 4 HP; a sunk cup is 2, and a tipped rim is 1
  • If your rim is hit or sunk, you MUST drink the amount right away, you can't shoot first. If your rim is hit and you dont pull it immediately, and the other opponent hits it in that same turn, your cup is done; you're out
  • If your cup is sunk/rim is hit, and your partners is hit/sunk in one turn, your opponents get the balls back, just as in beer pong.
This game is meant to be fast-paced, and somewhat athletically inclined.  So put some effort into it when you play defense! Run, dive, catch those balls!

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