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Start with a large cup filled with the deadliest alcoholic substances you have!  Place it in the middle of the table and grab a group of friends. 

With a pack of cards face-down, you must guess whether the top one is a black suit or a red suit.  If you guess correctly, take one drink.  Then pass the card, face-up, and the pack of cards to the next person.  If you guess incorrectly, you must balance the card on top of the glass with at least two corners facing outwards, and take two drinks.   

If people keep guessing the card colour correctly, keep passing the face-up cards around until someone guesses incorrectly.  All of the face-up cards that have piled up must be balanced on top of the glass by the person who guesses incorrectly.  With the cards built up on the glass, with at least two corners facing outwards, the cup and cards start to look like a palm tree.

After some time the cards are so far balanced out that they might fall.  The more cards that have been guessed correctly, the bigger the pile of cards to balance on the palm tree; this means if someone gets a card wrong, there's a greater chance that when they put the cards onto the palm tree it could fall!

If the cards fall while someone is trying to put more cards on top, that person must drink from the "palm tree" cup.  Remember, it's a deadly mix, so have fun watching that person throw up!

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