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To play this game, you need a TV, Scotch tape, a permanent marker, and your favorite drink.

Begin by ripping off a few strips of tape, about 4-5 inches in length. You should fold over a small amount so that the entire back of the tape strip doesn't stick; this will make things easier later. Take the marker and draw some mustaches on the strips of tape. Get creative; don't ignore the handlebar mustache or the infamous Hitler 'stache.

Now, you can stick these mustaches on the TV. Put them wherever you like, it doesn't matter because all TV shows and movies are different. The point of this game is that whenever one of the mustaches lines up with somebody's face on the TV, you drink. Double drink if that person already has a mustache, and triple drink if it's the same style of mustache. The amount imbibed is at each player's discretion, as long as everybody is having fun.


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