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Two teams go up against each other, with as many people as they want in their lineup.  The only rule is that both teams have to have the same amount of teamates (2 vs 2 is best).  Each team has four cups lined up in a straight line, each representing a different hit, and another cup on the side representing "The Steal" (explained below). 

The cup that is in the straight line furthest away from the edge of the table is a single, the next closest one to the edge is a double, the next a triple, and the cup closest to the edge is a home-run.  The opposing team has to try to make it into each of these cups and when they miss, its 1 out (3 outs per inning).  When they do get a man on base, things get interesting! 

As soon as a player is on base, the team with that man on first, second, or third can steal by chugging the "Steal cup", and be the first one to flip it on its top side like in the game Flipcup (check the game Flipcup for rules on how to do that).  There's a catch to this though:  the person on the other team who is defending the steal cannot touch their "steal cup" until the opposing team does.  If they do touch the cup, the opposite team gets a free base. Thats it!  

This game is way beter than just playing beerpong and you can get drunk pretty damn quick if you steal a lot.

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