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This game requires 4 or more people

How to Play:  Start off with a full beer, you play in a circle, and count from 1-20.  You tap your left or right shoulder with the OPPOSITE hand, and whichever shoulder you tap, the person on that side must tap either of their shoulders.  At 7 you put one arm over the other and the top hand is where it goes, at 14 it's the same thing, but the bottom hand is where it goes next.
At 10 and 20 you point to a person.  After 20 the game is over and the person pointed to makes a rule.

  • if you do a 'retard tap' same shoulder as arm
  • if you hesitate
  • if you do the wrong thing
  • if you dont tap/point on your turn
  • if you go instead of someone
  • if you say the wrong number

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Category: Verbal
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Added: 2008-06-16

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