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Take one die and as many players as you would like.  You call what number you are going to roll and the number of drinks is based on what is rolled.  You divide the two numbers to get the highest number and you drink that many.  For example, if you say you are going to roll a 1 and you roll a 6 you take six drinks (6 / 1 = 6).  If you say you are going to roll a 6 and roll a one then again you take six drinks.  When the two numbers do not divide then the default drink is one.  You drink when you do not correctly guess the rolled number, but when you do correctly guess the number, you get to give away that many drinks to anyone and everyone.  I will go through a little bit of a 3 person game:
  • Player 1 calls a 4 but rolls a 2, he takes 2 drinks (4/2 = 2)
  • Player 2 calls a 3 but rolls a 4 so he takes 1 drink
  • Player 3 calls a 6 and rolls a 6 so he gives player 1 and player 2 3 drinks each 

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Added: 2008-06-16

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