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This is a great game, with tons of laughs!! All credit for this game goes to my friends. May want to play outside with a little room (can get crazy). But I felt it needed to be on here!!! This game is for at least 4 people (2 teams of two), but you can add more teams if you want (only works with even numbers).

     1) 1 (per team) - Skinny Wiffle ball bat (cut the tip of the handle base off, so as to reveal the hollowness of the bat)
     2) 1 - 1+ beer (per round)

     Each team has two players, one batter and one pitcher.
     Take the one beer (more if you want, but at least one) pour it into the bottom of the bat.
     Then take the empty can and crush it with your feet making it flat, then hand to your teammate, your pitcher.
     Touch bats and start to chug the beer, when beer is gone, perform 5 bat spins (bat tip on ground, head on other end, spin around bat)
     Come up from spin and the pitcher throws the can for you to hit, first to hit it forward wins, if you miss or foul off, pitcher is to re-pitch.
     It's a good idea to go fast as possible because winner stays on.

It's a lot of fun and great not only to play but also to watch!

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