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22 cups aside
2 water cups aside
9 beer cups

cups should be set up like so

                   H                         WFFW                           H
                                     H                               H           


Imagine that is set up on the end of a table. The first half cups are placed on the corners and the group of water cups and full cups are dead in the middle. The half cups set up on the corners and out in front are considered defenders. The water cups are the goal posts and the full cups in between them are the goal itself. the lone full cup is about half to a full cups length in front of the "goal" (the grouping of the water cups and two full cups), this lone cup is the goalie.

The point of the game is to score a goal, aka sink the two full cups of beer that make up the goal. But like in soccer there are rules and a certain way to play the game. let me explain. First set up the field and fill the cups accordingly. It is teams of two per side. Like Beirut there are two ping pong balls in play. Shoot just like in Beirut, each teammate shoots once a turn.

Here are the basic rules. a sunk cup is equal to a half cup. Therefore it only requires one sunk ball to eliminate defenders and two too eliminate the goalie and goal cups. Like soccer you must beat the defense then the goalie to score. So, all four defense cups must be eliminated to be able to shoot at the goalie cup. Then the goalie cup must be eliminated to try and score "take out the goal cups".

Now a few more rules come in to play or else this game would suck. Everything must be in order during the game, no skipping defense to hit the goalie cup or anything like that. With that said if a team sinks two cups in a turn they get the balls back to shoot again just like in some versions of Beirut. also, if any field player cups, "defense or the goalie cup" is hit twice in the same turn with out being removed from play and drunk, that cup is still removed but the other team gets the balls back and a full goal cup is removed along with the cup that was hit twice.

This is a lot like "death cup" in Beirut. another rule is if any player hits a shot in three consecutive turns he is rewarded a "free kick" he shoots till he misses. Once all of the defense cups are removed from play on a side the goalie cup is the next target but a player is rewarded one "chip" shot each player may call chip shot and designate a goal cup once a game and has one attempt to sink that cup.

Like in soccer chipping it over the goalie. If it is made the full goal cup is removed. If any other cup is made it does not count, EXCEPT if he accidentally makes the goalie cup a defense cup is brought back to play. Then once the goalie is gone the team may shoot at the goal cups. Each goal cup must be sunk twice, cause 1/2 + 1/2 is a full cup. There are no exceptions now to remove a full cup in one shot. the only thing is if a water cup is sunk twice either consecutively as a team" each player hit a water cup in the same turn" or as a individual " hits a water cup in two consecutive turns"  a full goalie cup is brought back.

If team B sunk all the defense cups, the goalie cup, and the goal cups on Team C's side then Team B scored a goal. it can be a long game so we play till 2 goals. That means after the first goal its half time. Use half time to use the restroom and refill your cups. To decide who shoots first the teams must play a game of full cup flip the cup. Winning team shoots first. 

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