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Thee Rules:
  1. Everybody starts off with a full beer.
  2. There is a beer in the middle of the table, in which cards are scattered around it in a circle, face down.
  3. The seating normally goes boy-girl-boy-girl, but it's not really that big of a deal.
  4. The first player picks a card up and shows everybody, then once they do what the card is, that player sets the card down on top of the unopened beer in the middle.
Important Note: The cards MUST have two sides not touching anything / sticking out. The cards have to be like this through out the whole game. Once the cards fall off the beer, the player who last lay-ed the card down must drink. ( All the cards falling from the beer.. thus the name Waterfall. )

Now what I meant by once they do what the card is, is this:

A : Waterfall - The player who picked Waterfall has to start chugging his/her beer. Once they start everybody around the table has to start. They can stop chugging whenever they want, but the person beside them can't stop until they stop, and once the person who picked the card stops, the other person can go as long as they want, because the person next to them can't stop until they stop, and so on.

2 : You - The person who picked the card can pick anybody they want to drink.

3 : Me - The person who picked the card takes a swig.

4 : Floor - Point to the floor and says "floor" as fast as you can, last person to point takes a swig.

5 : Guys - All guys drink.

6 : Chicks - All girls drink.

7 : Heaven - Everybody points up and says "heaven" as fast as they can, last person to do so drinks.

8 : Rule - The person to get this card can make any rule up, and keep that rule until the next person to get the eight. Example: Putting your thumb down on the table, not being allowed to say a certain word, or touching your nose. Anything.

9 : Rhyme - That person chooses one word, then the person next to them has to say a word that rhymes with it, and then the person next to them, etc. The person who either a) repeats or b) can't think of a word, drinks.

10 : Social - Everybody takes a drink. =)

J : Never Ever Have I Ever - (My favorite) Everyone puts up three fingers. Then you go around the circle and say "Never Ever Have I Ever.... (example: Had Sex With a Girl)" So everybody who has had sex with a girl, puts a finger down. The person / people that first have no fingers left up, have to drink. Note: The point is to get the other people in the circle out, obviously, but some people don't get it.

Q : Question - The person who picks the card says a quick question to anybody around the table, that person can either say a question back, or say a question to another person. The first person who either a) answers the question b) can't think of a question or c) repeats the same question, must drink. Note: Point is to say a question like: Why the hell are you so gay? To get the other person mad, so they answer it, or say something else back.

K : Categories - The person who picked the card has to pick a category, such as types of underwear, cars, or beer. Anything. And you go around the circle, the first person to a) say a false answer or b) not come up with anything, must drink.

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