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"Flip cup is for women, but can be played by men...Beer Pong is for men, but CAN be played by women...FOOSBALL is strictly a game for a MAN."

A beer-pong style game that requires several different skills at the same time...Pong, Flip Cup, chugging, quickness,  strength and HEART. In the process of winning there is one guarantee..you WILL get F#^$*# UP!


You Need:
10-26 Solo Cups (depending on the rack you want to play with)
4 ping pong balls
4 players (2on2)
Table (suitable for pong)

Start out by deciding teams and the rack you want to play with. EACH player gets there own individual rack so don't try and be a hero. Unlike beer pong, this game REQUIRES the winning team to drink every cup, instead of the losing team so streaks will be hard to accomplish. Lets say you want to use triangles, and you have decided the teams. Put a triangle on each corner of the table (12 cups) and two water cups on the sides of the middle (midway between the racks). Instead of standing on the same side of the table as your partner, you stand directly across from him. Place one ball in each of the water cups, these are the "fourthballs" and then have the players diagonal from each other start with the other 2 balls. Let the game begin...

To be the first team to finish all of your cups by hitting them, chugging, and flipping.

As the two opposing players diagonal from eachother hold there respective balls, an outside viewer counts it down..."1, 2, 3...FOOSBALL!" Immediately the teams begin shooting at their PARTNERS rack (directly across from them). This game is not turn-based, it is quick and fast paced. Once a cup is hit, that player must drink the beer, put it down on the table right side up and flip it. Once succesfully flipped, move it away STILL FLIPPED and continue the game. A ball CANNOT be shot until the person has drank and flipped that cup, failure to do so results in a powerplay. First team to finish both racks wins the game.

     "PowerPlay" - When a penalty is commited, a powerplay takes place. Lets say your opponent commits a penalty such as holding your ball or shooting before they flip. You or someone watching calls out the penalty and you and your partner get one unconteste shot each before they can shoot again. After both shots gameplay continues.
     "Fourth Ball" - There are two balls placed in two water cups in the middle of each teams respective sides, these balls are called the fourth balls. Since this game is fast paced and quick, if a ball happens to get lost behind something or hard to reach, the team's fourthball can be put in to play and the other ball is officially out of play. Only one ball is to be used by each team at a time and you canot use the other teams ball.
     "Crossfire" - Crossfire can only be used once a game by each team. When the opposing team hits a cup on their partner and they begin to chug and flip, your team can use crossfire. BEFORE that person successfully flips their cup, the person diagonal from them can call "crossfire" and shoot into the enemy's rack. If your partner across the table hits your opponent's cup in crossfire three things happen: ONE: The person chugging/flipping (the opponent) gives you the ball that they are holding in exchange for the ball in their cup that your partner just hit. TWO: You move one of your cups from your rack onto there rack. THREE: They must now chug and flip the cup just hit in order to shoot again in addition to the cup they were already trying to flip.
So basically, the advantage of crossfire is you get rid of one of your cups while simultaneously making your enemy gain another cup and take longer to shoot. Missing the crossfire shot means nothing except that now, the ball can easily be BLOCKED.
     "Blocking" - This is where Foosball gets rough. When the ball is shot, the person standing next to you, who is your enemy, can block or hit away the ball after it hits something. The ball CANNOT be blocked in the air or it results in the powerplay penalty. So lets say the ball is shot and hits off the cup, your enemy can swat it away in order to slow your team down. You CANNOT hold onto the ball at all, or else once again, powerplay.  Boxing out, hitting, slapping, biting all allowed. The only rules are you cannot hold, block in air, or shoot your opponents ball.

This game can get very rough but it is one of the greatest I've ever played. Make sure you line up across from your partner, keep the table fairly uncluttered, and fill up your cups. Like said before in games such as pong you can shut your opponents out, win and not drink a drop. In FOOSBALL, expect some throwing up, bloodshed and the greatest time of your life. Feel free to add your own rules, racks and whatever the fuck you want.

A Game by Dan T

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