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Every time I have initiated a game of this with friends, the game doesn't last long ... but you don't need it too either - it serves its purpose :)

Simple game, simple rules, just be good at quick math.

No special rules on the dartboard - what you see is what you get: triples, doubles apply, etc.

Make sure you have at least a 6 pack per person, a 12 pack is recommended, if not just a massive ice chest of cold refreshing beer.

How to play:
First person, holding all three darts, throws all 3 at the board at once - make a note of your score total. (Any dart that hits outside the number rings or off the dart board is an immediate 10 sips you must drink)
Second play, same deal, throws all three darts at same time - add up your score.
Loser of that round drinks the difference in points.
If point difference exceeds amount left in beer, open a new one and continue!!!
Alternate who throws first each round.

*Special rules:
Any dart outside the number rings or off the dart board is an immediate 10 sips to thrower.
If thrower #2 'Robin Hood's'  any of thrower #1a darts (that count in play, no off the board darts) thrower #1 consumes entire point total --- this has been done and its awesome! (hence the reason for alternate throwing first, everyone gets a chance)

You can judge the overall winner however you want. I have never had a game last longer than 20 minutes (if playing at a quick throw, drink, throw, drink pace). I wouldn't recommend more than 10-15 rounds either.  Upon completion of original 6 or 12 pack, take a break, sit down, let the beer run through ya!

Enjoy the night!

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Added: 2008-08-05

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