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 For this game, you will need your favorite drink and an episode of the Maury Povich show in which some woman is trying to find her child's father.  This is just about every show.  Careful!  You could die of alcohol poisoning here!

When the baby's momma is introduced, everyone shout "WHO MY BABY DADDY!"      

If she's been on the show more than once, shout out "Our returning contestant is...", and everyone takes a sip for each time or each man she has had tested.

Take a sip if either the mother or the suspected father goes up to the monitor at the back of the stage and points out the similarities/ dissimilarities of the child to the father.

One sip if somebody says "She ain't nothin' but a ho!", or if someone claims to have more than 100% certainty that the baby is/ isn't his.

One tiny sip every time something gets bleeped out.

Another sip if either of the contestants move chairs.

Half your drink if the man brings his boyfriend/ momma.  Drink the other half when she protests her boyfriend's/ son's innocence.

A slow, but steady intake if either he or she continues to interrupt with a constant droning of "he is, he is," or "I ain't, I ain't,", or something to that effect. 

Slam it if security has to go on stage. 

A whole shot when you hear "You ARE/ ARE NOT the father!"  Shout "I told you, I told you!"  Follow it up with another when the baby momma runs offstage when she finds out the man in question is not the father, and has to play another round. 

Pull out a kleenex and pat your drinking buddy on the back when Maury consoles the loser.  Hell, they're all losers.  Then fill your glass again, and get ready for another round of WHO MY BABY DADDY?

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