Drinking Game: Triple Threat (or Relay) Add to My Games
Players: 3 on 3 is best ( could play 6 on 6)
Materials: 12 cups, two pong balls, table
Set up: Each team takes one long sides of the table. Set up 3 cups (2-1) on the end (corner) in a triangle format, in the middle of the table set up two cups and on the opposite end place one cup. So from the end with three cups it goes 3, 2 , 1. Each team needs one pong ball.
Play:  The game is a relay race and plays as so
  1. The first person takes the pong ball and tries to bounce it in the first cup, after it goes in you drink it. The person who's second on each team then fills up the cup.
  2. After you sink the cup you proceed to the two cups, you drink the first cup the flip it (Flip Cup) , after you flip the first you drink the second cup you flip it, as your flipping the cups and once they are upside down the person who is second fills them up.
  3. Last step, you take the pong ball that you bounced in the first cup go to the end where you bounced it and proceed to shoot the pong ball into any cup on the other side. The third person is the rebounder and gets the ball every time the first shooter misses. You shoot until you make it in, once you make it in you drink it then give the ball to the second player.

The second player then proceeds to bounce the pong ball in the first cup, drink, drink the next cup, flip, drink the next cup, flip and as you are doing this the third player fills them up. After both cups are flipped you take the pong ball and shoot across the table at the remaining two cups. As you are shooting the first player is rebounding. Once you hit one of the two cups drink it and give the ball to the third player.

The third player then proceeds to bounce the pong ball in the first cup, drink, drink the next cup, flip, drink the next cup, flip then take the pong ball and shoot at the last cup and the first two players can rebound. Once the final cup is hit you have to drink the last cup and throw it down on the table.

This is a like a relay race, so both teams start at the same time with a simple 3,2,1 go and the team to throw the last cup down on the table wins. This can be played one time and that team wins and the next team waiting plays but it is best played in a best of three series. First team to win two stays on the table.

If you play 6 on 6  you need 18 cups and you set up 6 cups on the corner, 3-2-1. In this variation you can play elimination and the team that loses the first relay gets to vote off their weakest player. And then the losing team has to have one player go twice and repeat till all players on one team are eliminated.

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