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The name of the game is baseball. Items needed: cups, pong balls, table.

Start with setting up 4 cups in line on each end of the table. On each side of the table set up one separate cup on each side.

Baseball can work with as few as 2 per team, or as high as 5. Game is simple. Throw ball into cup on the other side of the table.
First cup = single
Second cup = double
Third cup = triple
Fourth cup = home-run

If you miss a shot it is an out. Teammates alternate. 3 outs to an inning per team. 9 innings to a game. For every run scored the opposing team must drink one of the pong cups. No stacking cups.

Here is the twist. The two cups on the sides of the table should be filled with a predetermined amount of beer, normally 2-4 drinks worth. If the team to bat has a player on base someone may "steal" by drinking the cup and playing a round of flip cup against the defending team manning the opposing cup. Only the team to bat may elect to steal. This involves a lot of stealing when the defending team is goofing around or isn't on their game.

No stealing may take place when one of the game cups is being filled. No limit on how many times you can steal. No you may not steal first base.

It is a great game to play at smaller parties or just hanging out with friends.

Try playing a world series and see if anyone can walk to the couch to pass out.

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