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This game is best played at a bar sitting at a round table.  Whoever buys the first pitcher starts the game by drinking as much or as little from the pitcher as they would like.  They can only take one breath and can not take their lips off the pitcher.  When they are finished drinking they pass the pitcher to the left.  When someone finishes the pitcher the person who drank before them has to go to the bar and buy the next one as a punishment for leaving enough in the pitcher so that the next person after them could finish it.

You will see a lot of people examine the pitcher trying to tell if they should take a sip or go for the rest of it.  It really can be a great game if you are in a bar wild enough to permit this.  Also a great way to get drunk for free if you are a heavy drinker and can out drink those at the table with you.  We often invite bystanders to play with us but of course they have to buy the pitcher to start with. 

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