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Set out a pyramid with a four base, aka 10 cards.  Each row contains a double, triple, etc drinking standard. Deal out 5 cards to each player. Turn the first row card, person first dealt goes first. Play a card with the same number and /or suit. Next person goes and so on. When a player cannot play a card, that player drinks the difference from the preceding two cards. The person who threw the card to make THAT person drink gets to throw a card again until the THAT person can finally play. When a player cannot play on a non-drinking move, the dealer pulls the top card off the deck onto the pile if and only if the preceding player cannot play another card from his HAND, otherwise he gets a second chance to play from the draw. If he cant play again, next player in line will play, and IF he cant play, he drinks and next player and so on....and by chance if it makes it back around to the first player, i hope you understand to draw another card... First player to throw out all cards wins that round. All remaining players drink the amount that is left in their hand when that player goes out.

player 1 -     K(S), 10(H),  9(C), 6(C)
player 2 -     Q(H), 5(D), 7(C), 2(S)
player 3 -     7(D), 3(D), 5(H), J(S)

Player 1 dealt, and player 2 leads. The pyramid pulls a 5C (clubs), player 2 would play 7C (OR 5D). Player 3 would play 7D, player 1 would drink the difference since he cannot play on the 7D, or 1 drink in this case.  Player 3 can again play his 3D making player 1 drink again. (FYI.....if you make someone drink, you get to go again)  Now Player 3 cannot play again but can get the chance of the draw. If it pulls a Q(S), player 3 can play his J(S), and player 1 can play K(S) and so on.

Have fun...

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