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Deal out  a pyramid according to how many people will be playing, then deal out 5 cards among all the players.

Start at the bottom of the pyramid, flipping the first card. (This game is a knock off of Fuck You Pyramid, but slow pace and drink more).  Person first dealt must act on the turned card, next person and so on. Either play the same number or suit, playing around the circle until one person is left with cards. During the game, when a person cannot play, they drink the amount between the two top cards. Person who just went gets to go again. This gets confusing but here's an example of a game...

Player 1  -  A(H)  5(D)  8(D)  10(H)  4(D)
Player 2  -  6(C)  3(C)  J(D)  K(S)  7(C)
Player 3  -  2(C)  7(H)  Q(H)  K(D)  A(C)
Player 4  -  8(S)  10(C)  A(D)  J(H)  9(C)

P1 dealt, P2 goes first. The pyramid displays 3(D). P2 plays his J(D), P3 plays K(D), P4 plays A(D), P1 plays A(H).....now P2 cannot play and must drink one drink since the aces are the same and any other time, drink the difference. P1 gets to play again, 10(H) in this case, and P2 still cannot play, drinking the difference of A and 10. Now neither P1 or P2 can play. With the remaining deck, P1 gets one chance on the top card, flipping the card on the stack. 5(H) comes out. P2 cant play and drinks one, P3 plays Q(H), and SO ON until one person is left with cards...

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