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You Need At Least 4 Players
Same setup as fuzzy duck:
Everyone has a drink, and sits in a circle.

The person who starts the game says 'wombat' and either 'to the left' or 'to the right' , the person then on the left/right of the announcer, says 'wombat' this would then carry on the chain.
The next person then has the choice of saying 'wombat'  to carry on in the same direction or say 'dingbat'  to send it back the other way. The next person must then say dingbat to carry on going in opposite direction or 'Ned Kelly'  when this is said, the player who said 'Ned Kelly' must point to two other players, who then must jump to their feet, make a gun with their hands and shout 'BANG'. The person who is slowest to react loses the round.

Whenever someone makes a mistake or loses in a 'Ned Kelly' battle they must drink two fingers of their beer, or a shot of spirits.
Once you get the hang of this game it is great fun, and becomes more difficult when the drink kicks in. Great fun, and keeps the party going.

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