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This is an easy game to play with a lot of people. You will need a lot of beer for this one.
It starts off with one cup in the middle FILLED with beer. Then every player has their own cup with a shot of beer and those cups are placed around the full beer cup.

                                                 X X             X = each players own shot of beer
                                               X O X           O = the full beer
                                                 X X

Each person takes a turn bouncing a quarter into a cup. Whoever's cup the quarter lands in that person has to drink their cup. If you bounce the quarter into your own cup you have to drink. ( You have to refill the cups after each successful quarter bounce)
The person who bounces the quarter into a cup gets to go again and keeps going until they miss and then it is the next person's turn.
If you get three in a row you get to make up a rule. (Ex. You can't say drink, drank, or drunk or no pointing)

If you bounce the quarter into the full cup of beer, everyone has to shoot their cup of beer and the last one to finish their shot has to drink the full cup of beer.
Then you refill all of the cups and keep the game going.
It is tons of fun, especially when the rules get started.

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Added: 2008-08-05

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