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This game is the same concept of California Kings, but with 1 exception.

Items needed:


How to play:

Lay out a full deck of cards (minus jokers) in a circle around any item (IE Ashtray, bottle, etc)
Who ever shuffled will be the dealer, and the person to his/her left starts.
They draw any card they want, and reveal their card to the other players.
The game is over when people start puking, out of beer, people wuss out.

Card Value:

Ace - Toast followed by a drink by everyone.

2-6 Black (Club/Spade) - Drawer drinks the card value.

2-6 Red (Diamond/Heart) - Drawer picks to give all/part of the cards value to other players to drink.

7 - Waterfall (Waterfall is as follows:  The drawer starts chugging, and everyone else must to. Once the drawer stops, the person to his/her left may stop drinking, or continue drinking to make the other players to his/her right keep drinking. This keeps going till the last person stops drinking.)

8 - Thumb Master (Thumb Master is as follows: Who ever is crowned the Thumb Master can put his/her Thumb(s) on the table at ANY time. By doing so, everyone else must. The last person to put their thumb on the table has to drink.)

9 - Rhyme - Drawer says a sentence, and the following person must make a Rhyme from the last word the drawer used. (Example: Drawer says 'The dog is blue' then the next player can say 'I have to poo') First person to miss has to drink.

10 - Category - Drawer gets to pick a Category and everyone takes turns going through saying a word related to it, who ever misses must drink. (Example: Drawer picks Family Guy. The next person must say something like, Meg, then the next person must continue with something like, Brian. etc.)

Jack - All guys drink.

Queen - All Girls drink.

King - Get to make a rule. (Example: Girls must drink 2 drinks for Queens. OR No elbows on the table.)

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