Drinking Game: You Ain't Getting the Fuck Up Add to My Games

You'll need at least 3 players, a deck of cards, and a whole lot of beer. 

The 1st  player will guess a card (from 2 to Ace), another player will flip one card from the deck. 

If the player guesses within 2 (+/-2) of the flipped card, that person can pass or may choose to continue to play. 

If the card is not +/-2, that player will need to drink the difference (player guesses 10 and card is 3, player must take 7 drinks). 

If the player guesses the exact card, that player can hand that card to any player (that player will not be able to guess a number, but will have to use the number of the card that has been assigned to them).

This is repeated until no one is left standing.


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Added: 2008-08-22

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