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"Truly the most competitive and violent drinking game you can play! Guaranteed to make its way into college dorms and executive offices everywhere! Two thumbs way up!"
-"At the Movies" with Ebert and Roeper


From the people that brought you Foosball comes the next big thing in beer drinking.  Soccer, a game combining the skills of flip cup and beer pong, has 2 guarantees: AT LEAST 1 person will throw up and the winning team will feel pride not as if they just won a mere drinking game but as if they just won the highest of sports honors. WARNING: During the course of this competition, most players will end up consuming upwards of 10 beers each. Be ready.


You Need:
14 Solo Cups
2 ping pong balls
6 players (3on3)
Table (suitable for pong)

Start out your game of Soccer by realizing the following aspects your committing to as you commence into the greatest drinking game of all time: this game will take anywheres from 20 minutes to a couple of hours even, you have a GREAT chance of vomiting, there is NO giving up, and upon victory, you shall be set free.
ANYWAYS grab 2 of your closest mates and get another team of 3 to challenge you. Once you are ready, set up your team at the table by standing at the long side, as you would in flip cup, and facing your opponents. Place one cup in front of each player, two cups directly in the center, and a rack of your choice at each end. We usually use a triangle, so the entire table consists of 14 cups. Fill up each rack with a pong-like amount of beer (1/4 to 1/3) and fill up each persons cup with the same amount. Spread AT LEAST 4-5 beers about the table for use later in the game. Now, one of the cups in the center is to be filled with water and the other left empty, this is the "drop cup". Place the 2 ping pong balls in the water cup and get ready to play.


To be the first team to score 3 goals (hit all 3 of your opponents cups).


In the game of Soccer there are 3 different positions on the team, each with a very important role. Here they are
     Midfielder: Has the responsibility of starting out each new match up and must bring the play to his/her forward, instead of allowing the opposite midfielder to do so.
     Fullback (Defense): When your midfielder fails to beat the opponent, your defense's job is to bring game play back to midfield. If the defender loses, the opponent gets a shot at goal.
     Forward (Offense): If your midfielder wins and then you (the forward) defeats the defender, you get a shot at goal.

The game starts out with the two midfielders touching knuckles with the hand they will drink with. An outside person will take the empty "drop cup" and drop it. When the cup hits the table, the middies begin to drink and flip. Whoever wins out of the middies moves play to their LEFT while the loser moves it to their right. Now it is going to be a forward vs a defender. As soon as you either beat your opponent or get beat, quickly refill your cup in preparation. This is the most important part of the game and the reason there has to be plenty of cans spread about the table.  Now if the defender wins, play goes BACK to middie and if the forward wins he gets a shot at goal. Think of the "moving of play" as moving the ball up and down the field. Once it reaches your side and your forward beats the defender, your team gets a shot to get a step closer to victory. Everyone backs off the table to allow the forward to make his shot. If hit, the cups are racked and game continues and if missed the game still continues. After every shot you can rearrange your players and IF YOU MUST call in a sub. First team to hit all 3 of their opponents cups are the victors. When the last cup is hit there is no redemption, no excuses, all gloating.


     Penalty Kicks (PKs) - If there are 4 consecutive missed shots at goal (no matter what the team), penalty kicks will take place. Lets say the forward on team black takes a shot and misses and it is the 4th miss in a row. Now the forward on team blue shoots, then black middie, then blue middie, black defender, blue defender. This is just a way to make the game go quicker if no one is hitting their shots. Now unlike in regular play, there is redemption in PKs. Lets say the black middie hits last cup. The next player (blue middie) has redemption in which they must hit all the remaining cups without missing in order to bring the game into OT.
     Overtime - In the event of an overtime, the teams elect a single player to compete. Once both players are chosen, they knuckle up at midfield and at the drop of a cup begin to chug and flip. First one to flip gets a shot at one cup. If hit, its game. If not, overtime continues with the same or a different player until the single cup is hit.
     Ties - If there is a clear tie between two players flipping, play stops and those players, whether it be middie vs middie or defender vs forward, knuckle up and start the volley over.
     Yellow Flag - When someone commits a penalty such as spilling a significant amount of beer, touching the opponents cups, or improperly flipping the cup, the team committing the penalty must knuckle up at their defense, allowing the opponents forward a chance to win and get a quick shot at goal.

This game was created while watching a Soccer match at a local Italian Restaurant with a few things in mind: getting drunk, teamwork, speed, pong and PRIDE. Have fun with it, and good luck winning more than one game straight.


A Game by Dan T

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