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    1. What is needed to play
    1. A deck of cards (You might want to use 2 decks if you’ve got more than 5 or so players so you don’t have to shuffle as often.)
    1. Each player needs an alcoholic beverage (If you’re playing right, each player will probably go through close to one beer per game.)

    2. A coffee table or some other flat surface
    1. Starting the game
    1. The oldest player at the table is the dealer.
    1. Shuffle up and deal.

    2. Each player picks up their cards and holds them in his hands FACE DOWN.  Don't look at your cards!

    3. Player to the left of the dealer goes first.
    1. The rules
    1. The first player takes the top card from his pile and holds it FACE DOWN and throws it ninja star style onto the table.  The goal is to get the card to LAND FACE UP.
      1. If the card lands face DOWN, then nothing happens and the game moves to the next player to the left.

      2. If the card lands face UP, then a challenge has been made to the next player.
    1. The next player to the left then picks up his top card (face down of course) and throws it (ninja star style) onto the table.

      1. If the card lands face DOWN, then that player has to drink half the number value of the card thrown by the previous player, rounding up.  (If a 9 was thrown, you’ve got to drink 5 drinks.)

      2. If the card lands face UP, then the challenge continues and moves on to the next player.  There are now two cards involved in the challenge.  The higher value of the two cards carries on to the next player.  The lower value is wiped away.

    2. Play continues, rotating in a circle.  Any time a card lands face up, a challenge has occurred, and SOMEONE will be drinking.

    3. If a face card is thrown, it’s a group challenge, and the previous value of the challenge is wiped away.
    1. Special rules
    1. Face cards represent a group challenge.
      1. If a JACK is thrown, Social!  Everyone at the table takes one drink.

      2. If a QUEEN is thrown, Thumb Rule!  Everyone puts his thumb on the table.  The last person to do it takes one drink.

      3. If a KING is thrown, Waterfall!  Everyone at the table starts drinking at the same time.  The player who threw the King stops drinking when he feels like it.  No player can stop drinking until the player to his right stops drinking.

      4. ACES have no special value.  They just count as 1.
    1. The name of the game

      1. Here’s where the fun really starts.  If two players in a row throw a card face up that has the same number value, everyone has to shout the name of the game: “HAPPY NINJA STAR DRINK FUN TIME!”

      2. The last person to finish saying the name has to drink the FULL AMOUNT of the card that was thrown.  (If two 10s are thrown in the row, that’s 10 drinks.)

      3. If anyone screws up the name of the game, he has to drink the full amount.  This could happen to multiple players.

      4. Technically, you’re supposed to say the name of the game with your best impression of an Asian accent, but this rule is rarely enforced.
    1. Fouls
    1. If you’re playing around a table, and someone throws the card OFF of the table, it’s a one drink penalty, plus the current value of the challenge.
    1. If a player isn’t throwing his cards correctly (like just flipping them over instead of throwing ninja star style), he gets one warning, then the next time he does it, it’s a one drink penalty, plus the current value of the challenge.
    1. Ending the game
    1. The game ends when all players have run out of cards.
    1. There is NO REBUTTAL to the last card thrown.  And if the last card thrown lands face up, everyone else other than the last player has to drink the full amount shown on the card.
    1. An example!  Let’s assume it’s a four player game.
    1. Player A throws a card face down.  Nothing happens.
    1. Player B throws a 5 face up.  This is a challenge to the next player.

    2. Player C throws a card face down.  Player C has to drink 3 drinks.

    3. Player D throws a 7 face up.

    4. Player A throws an Ace face up.  The Ace is wiped out because 7 > 1.

    5. Player B throws a card face down.  Player B has to drink 4 drinks.

    6. Player C throws a 10 face up.

    7. Player D throws a Jack.  The 10 is wiped out.  Social!  All players drink 1 drink.

    8. Player A throws an 8 face up.

    9. Player B throws an 8 face up.


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