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By far, the best, most challenging and brutal way to play KINGS!

What You Need:
2-10 People (the more the better)
2 Cups
A Deck of Cards (with jokers)
At LEAST 3 beers per person playing
And one full, unopened can of beer

Place the full can of beer (also called the "Mushroom") in the center of the table with a cup at each side. Spread the deck of cards face down, circling the Mushroom and two cups.

xxxxxxxxxxx      x= cards   o= cups   O=Mushroom
x   o O o   x     (The x's go in a circle around the setup)

How To Play:

Now elect someone to go first (ex. the oldest, whoever is wearing green, the ugliest, whatever) and they will pick any card they please from the circle and immediately flip it up to show the crowd. Depending on what that card is, something happens. After doing what the card says to do the person who pulled that card wedges it under the unopened tab of the Mushroom, leaving it there. Now eventually, someone will add that last card and the top will break. When this happens, the person who cracked the mushroom has to immediately chug the can while the crowd chants some kind of hateful tune (we go with the simple "pussy! pussy!..."). After the first mushroom is cracked, we usually upgrade to a 24oz can, but if you cant just replace it with another 12oz and keep playing.  The Mushroom is only a small part of the game, what card you pick decides the fate of you and your mates.
NOTE: Determine amongst yourselves what qualifies as a "drink"

The Cards:

2 is for YOU
Pick someone at the table to drink
3 is for ME
You drink
Last person to touch the floor drinks
5 is JIVE
Last one to do a dancing motion drinks
If a guy pulls this card, all girls strip an article. If a girl pulls, vice-versa.
Last person to reach their hands in the air drinks
Pick someone to drink with you whenever you drink for the rest of the game. Now, start a debate with that person by saying something to which they must think of an opposite. Once they come back with an opposite, they say another word to which you think of an opposite and another word (cat-dog, blue-red, water-fire, etc). Once someone loses they drink but you are still mates for the rest of the game.
Say a short sentence (the card is blue) and then play continues clockwise with people rhyming (The number is 2) until someone messes up and they then drink
Whoever gets this card gets to make a rule (lasts until the next 10 is drawn) and they make someone drink. See example rules below.
The person who draws states a category and the person to their left starts naming things in that category (ex. cars- buick, ford, chevy, etc) and whoever messes up drinks
The drawer of the queen asks anyone at the table a random question, to which they must return with a question to someone else. The person who hesitates or answers the question drinks.
The drawer of the first king pours however much beer they want into cup one, the second king pours into cup two and the third king drinks one of the cups.
Whoever draws the Ace starts a waterfall. Everyone stand up and starts drinking. You cannot stop until the person to your right has stopped.
When a joker is drawn, everyone stands up, says "TO HEATH!" and drinks their beer in Memory of Heath Ledger.

Special Cards:
These are special, individual cards that mean something different from the other three.
King of Hearts - The Suicide King
Whoever draws the Suicide King is proclaimed the KING for the duration of the game. The drawer of this card keeps it for the game without placing it in the mushroom.He can put a rule into effect (despite what the 10's may say), can make anyone drink, and choose someone to place his mushroom card in. The KING is basically the same thing as being "president" in Asshole. Also, once the third King is drawn and that player has to drink a cup, the KING decides which cup it is and picks someone else to drink the other one. The King may also declare somone as the "Beer Bitch" and they must get beer whenever they want.
Ace of Spades - Spinner Spade
The drawer of the Ace of Spades can take the card, and spin it onto the table. Before doing so, the drawer decides what the person has to do if it lands on them. This can be anything from "whoever it lands on drinks" to "whoever it lands on gets naked". Your Ace of Spades should have a single spade in the middle of the card. The point of that spade will be used to determine who it is being pointed at. Once spun it is placed in the mushroom.
Deuce of Diamonds - Drunk Dialer
Whoever draws the 2 of Diamonds must give their phone to whoever is willing to make a prank call. They can pick anyone on the persons contact list and put it on speaker phone. The drawer cannot debate who they call, and the card is placed in the mushroom after play.
Seven of Clubs - Lucky Indian
Whoever draws this card is dubbed "the indian". They must lick their fingers, rub their forehead, stick the card to it and chug until the card naturally falls off. It is then placed int he mushroom.

Example Rules:
When you draw a 10 or the suicide king, you can choose to declare yourself something...
Mr. Freeze - At any point in the game you can freeze. Last person to follow suit drinks.
Thumbmaster - You can put your thumb down on the table at any time and last to do so drinks.
Moose - Instead of thumb on table, moose ears
Father of Fuck - Yell at someone "fuck you!" and the last to do so OR whoever yells it at you drinks.
Or you can put a rule like these into play...
Buffalo - Drinking can only take place with the non-dominant hand.
Little Green Man - Before drinking, players must "remove" the Little Green man from their drink, place him down, drink, and put him back on. Whoever fails to do so may get "flung" by another player and told to get their Little Green Man anywhere they want.
Be Creative!!!

So Thats basically it. Play until all 54 cards are used, then play again! Great for starting the night, ending it, and anywhere in between!

A Game by Dan T

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