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So anyone who likes Super Smash Bros. on NIntendo 64, Gamecube or Wii, and also likes to get shit-faced, you wil appreciate this game.
The ideal number of players would be 4, but you can do it with less than that since the game has computer characters you can play against. (Just dont play against 3 I.A.s cuz thats just kind of sad and pathetic)
Anyways, you can play with either a time limit or with a stock or lives. I would suggest playing with the stock, cuz it gets more intense as players get eliminated. put it up to a stock of 20 or more to make sure the games goes on a while and everytime a player loses a life, he or she takes a drink. these rules work well cuz you can use beer or a mixed drink. since the game sucks you in and your downing drinks as your mind is focused on the game so after a game or two your feeling pretty good already.
if you have more than 4 people that want to play just have whoever was out of lives first give up their controler. (this will lower the buzz level)

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Added: 2008-10-08

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