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These are without a doubt the best rules for an exciting and enjoyable game.  Playing this way will make you a better shooter and overall a better player.  These rules are designed to keep the games moving quickly and have everyone focused on the game at all times. 


The Basics:

The materials you need for this game are 12 cups of beer, two ping pong ball, and a table. The game is best played with  two teams of two.
Arrange the cups of beer on either side of the table like you are setting up bowling pins. You should have  six cups on both sides. Each team takes a turn by trying to get the ping pong balls into the other team's cups. If they succeed the other teams must drink that cup.  Keep playing until one team is able to hit every cup on the other side of the table.


Ultimate Rules:

1. No Re rack - Keeping the cups where they are will teach you to be able to hit all 6 cups positions on the table not just shooting for the middle of the group. 

2. Drink before you shoot.  You can not shoot until your team has finished drinking any cups that have already been hit on your side of the table.  1/2 full cups should not be lingering around the table.  When a cup is hit drink it and move it to the side out of play...end of story.

3. "En Fuego"  When two teammates each make a different cup in the same turn they get the balls back to shoot two more times.

4. "2 Balls 1 cup"  If two players each make the same cup the game is over.  Once a cup is hit it is considered live until all the beer is gone.  It can be in the players hand, it can be on the side of the table or still in its original spot on the table it doesn't matter. 

5. Bounce - Bounced balls count as two cups but they can be swatted away.  This keeps both teams paying attention at all times and keeps the games moving quickly.  The defending team gets to choose which second cup is removed from that table not the shooting team.

6.  Rebuttal - If the last two cups were hit in the same turn "en fuego" the game is over.  The team throwing the balls should get them back thusly ending any chance to come back.  If the 1st player to throw makes the last cup their team has a choice to make.  They can give 1 ball to the other team and the other team only has 1 shot to save their cup.  If they make a cup both cups from each side remain and both balls return back to the offense.  If they miss the shot the game is over.  If the 1st player makes the cup they can also choose to shoot the second ball.  If the second ball is also made "2 balls 1 cup" the game is over.  If the 2nd player misses the other team now has 2 balls to try and redeem themselves.  If they make either one all they have done is save their last cup and the balls go back to the original shooting team.  This method keeps the game moving quickly and helps to really add pressure to the game. 

7. "The Line" This is an optional rule that isn't for everyone.  Once any ball is shot it becomes fair game once it crosses back to your side of the table.  Whoever grabs it 1st keeps the ball.  It doesn't matter if the ball is rolling on the floor or bouncing back to you on the table.  Once it crosses the middle line its fair game to anyone.  This is best played outside and really can be brutal.



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