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Materials: A deck of cards, a table everyone can sit or stand around, and alot of beer.

Rules: All cards are scatered semi-evenly face down on the table while everyone sets their drink of choice in front of them. You may want to go ahead and grab two or three drinks just to be safe. Either someone can decide to start or everyone draws a card and the player with the highest card starts. If two players have a card of the same value they draw another one. The players draw clockwise one player at a time.

2 is you. The player gives out a drink.
3 is me. The player drinks.
4 is whores. All girls drink.
5- last person to slap the table has to drink.
6 is dicks. All guys drink.
7 is heaven. The last person to raise their hand above their head has to drink.
8 is who you hate. Give a drink to someone you don't like, or if you get along with everyone, just give it to someone at random.
9 is rhyme or reason. The first player says a word and the next player has to say a word that rhymes with it or is associated with it and so on untill someone gets it wrong and has to drink.
10 is social. Everyone drinks.
Jack is waterfall. The player will down as much of their drink as they like and every player has to drink untill the one next to them stops. The circle starts when the player with the jack raises his glass.
Queen is questions. The player looks at the player to their left and asks a question, the player should ignore the question and ask another question to the player to their left and so on, untill someone answers a question and has to drink.
King is catagories. The player names a catagory, (ex: type of car) and names one and the person to their left sames one and so one untill someone messes up and has to drink.
ACE. CAPTAIN DICKHEAD!!! The player that is lucky enough to get this card has to lick the card and stick it to their fourhead or under their hat so that the face of the card shows. This card holds endless power, and just so you can get more laughs out of this game, I'm going to go more in depth explaing this card than any other.
First off, the DICKHEAD gets to decide if he wants to keep any previous rules any other dickheads have made, if there was another one before him/her during the game. Then they get to make any rules he/she wants. Remember, unless you have drawn the last ace, don't be a complete DICKHEAD, carma (what goes around comes around) is a B**** and you WILL get it shoveled back on you by the next dickhead! You can add a rule or drop a rule anytime you like but you do need to notify the group. Here are the most common rules we use, I will put an ~ by the rules you have to make out loud as soon as you get the ace and before anyone else can draw:

NOTE: anytime anyone breaks one of these rules they should have to drink again.

Little green man- there is an imaginary little man on your glass, you must pretend to set him off before you drink and put him back after you drink. If you forget you've got to drink extra.

Hokie pokie- everytime you drink you have to do the hokie pokie.

Chin on table- you have to keep your head on the table

Strip- everytime a certain person or everyone draws a face card, they have to lose clothing.

Drink three- everytime the dickhead has to drink a certain person or everyone has to drink.

Down your beer
- drink you whole drink, for no apparent reason.

Any time anyone drinks you drink- single someone out to drink when someone else does

Drink for me
- give your drink  to someone else when its your turn to drink.

Surprise! You can pull out a shot glass already pored for someone to drink whenever you like.

I love the captain-  everytime the person has to drink they have to yell "I love____." Fill in the blank with the captains name. You can also make it to where players have to say or yell i love ___ everytime they say something.

Dont forget you are the  DICKHEAD, you can bend, break, move,  or  create any rules anytime you like. Get creative with it.

Pay attention to what is going on, that will help the game go smoother and you will have more fun at it.

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