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Equipment: 2 glasses, beer for everyone, at least 3 people, many quarters, shot/beer in a center cup.

Procedure: Start out with people around a table, and glasses opposite each other. Start out flipping the quarter into the cup, like a regular quarters game. If someone makes it on their first bounce, they get to pass the glass to whoever they want. However, when you make it pass to the left. When two glasses catch up to each other, the fun begins. If the person behind the person with the first cup makes theirs, it passes around the person with the first glass, and the person that was passed has to drink the center cup, and fill it back up. Play continues with the 2nd glass and it continues around the table, as does the person who can't make a damn cup. The wonderful thing is that if two good players are to both sides of a shitty player, the middle person can get annihilated. Have fun!

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Added: 2008-11-14

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