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This is a variation of that rez-a-roller game. This game is more for playing with a small group of friends that want to relax and have a good time. This isn't for a party. Everyone sits at a table, and takes turns rolling two dice. Decide on someone to start and take turns going counter-clockwise. With each roll there is an effect, one for each individual die, and possibly one for the combination of them.


The Roles (No one starts with these titles. You earn them by rolling. Read the rules. You’ll get it).

The Kingpin picks someone to drink on each of his turns until roles change along with the effects from the dice.

The Target drinks whenever a 2 comes up.

The Hitman cannot be picked on to drink. He still drinks for the effect from 3, 4 and 5 though (again, you’ll see).


Single-Die Effects
1 - Roller drinks
2 - The Target drinks
3 - Person to your left drinks
4 - Person to your right drinks
5 - Social, everyone drinks
6 - You pick 1 person to drink


Say you roll a 1 and a 5. Then you would have to drink, and then everyone would. So you'd drink twice. Now for the combination effects. Every set of doubles means something, as well as some other combinations. The combinations are as follows…


Combination Effects
1 & 1 - You become The Kingpin
2 & 2 - You become The Target
3 & 3 - You become The Hitman
4 & 4 - Triggers a scenario roll
5 & 5 - Triggers a scenario roll

6 & 6 - Triggers a scenario roll
1 & 2 - Make a rule
3 & 4 - Target and Kingpin switch roles


So if you rolled a 1 & 1, not only do you have to drink twice, but you also become the Kingpin. If you roll a 3 & 4, then the people to your left and right drink, and The Target and The Kingpin switch roles. Now, when a scenario is triggered, the player will then roll one die and the number indicates what scenario happens.



1 - The Hitman goes on a killing spree. Everyone except The Hitman and The Kingpin drinks for 5 seconds.

2 - Nominate or divide out 10 drinks (ie. Give 5 to one and 5 to another or make one person drink all 10 seconds).

3 - The Kingpin hires The Hitman to assassinate someone (Kingpin picks someone to finish their beer)

4 - Mission failed (The roller drinks their whole beer).

5 - The Kingpin was assassinated. There is no longer a Kingpin until another 1 & 1 is rolled.

6 - The Hitman was caught and killed. There is no longer a Hitman until another 3 & 3 is rolled.

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